Dancing And Singing Recording Cactus (can glow)

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Our cute and adorable dancing cactus interactive and singing toy will entertain your baby for hours and put a smile on his/her little face. How will your baby react to our interactive cactus that repeats what you say?


Our charming dancing cactus has a moving body that will wriggle, play songs, dance, mimic and light up with your little one and it also has a short record function. It will provide tons of amusement for your baby, kids and yourself!


Your children or toddlers can learn the songs and sing along with our dancing cactus, boosting and improving memory.


It will make a sweet Christmas, baby shower, birthday or “whatever” gift for any grandchild, expecting mom or even adult!

Dance with it, sing along, play the mimic game, see it light up and even record and save a short message!




What’s in the box
1 x Dancing Cactus
1 x USB Charger


Age: 3 +

Matters needing attention in battery use.
  • Battery damage or liquid leakage must be replaced, can not be recharged, once the skin or clothing contact with the battery liquid, be sure to clean immediately.
  • Do not overcharge the product battery, after charging or connect the power supply, please cover the power supply connection warehouse cover to prevent dust or water.
  • Do not charge near combustibles or on the surface of flammable or conducting objects. Observe the charging at any time as you charge.
  • Do not charge immediately when the battery is still hot after the product is in use, it should be cooled and then recharged.

Warning: the product is not edible, the battery is explosive, stay away from the source of fire when using, do not put into the fire.  Please use the product accompanied by your parents and pay attention to safety.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 32 × 9.5 × 10 cm

8 reviews for Dancing And Singing Recording Cactus (can glow)

  1. Tapanon Chaipipat

    English speaking cactus, children like it very much.

  2. Cherish Higgins

    Excluding the battery, but this is the only detail. children like it very much.

  3. Darrin C

    Works great and is hilarious. It came in super cheap packaging but otherwise is great.

  4. Jesús p.

    I love this damn cactus. Got it for my daughter who just turned 1 and she loves talking back and forth with it. Took it to my moms house and my mom loved it too! Sometimes you forget its there and then it will pick up something and its so funny. The best ones is when someone is laughing and it picks that up, just keeps the laughter going. Fantastic toy for all ages! The adjustable volume control is a life saver too! All kids toys should have that for the love of God. Highly recommend! This thing is amazing! If it ever happens to break I assure you I will buying another one to replace it.

  5. Katje H.

    I purchased the talking cactus for my great-niece who is only a few months old. My three year old nephew fell in love with the toy. He greatly enjoyed. Hearing the cactus toy repeat what he said. The toy was a hit with the kids and is worth the money.

  6. melissa

    It’s a cute, entertaining toy.

  7. Sharon Sander

    I bought this as a gift for my soon-to-be born great granddaughter. My son, the new grandpa-to-be and I had so much fun playing with it that I’m thinking of getting him one.

  8. Lauren

    I bought this for myself and it’s now my office mate.. I will definitely be gifting these to my friends that have kids!

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