Dinosaur Camera Smoke Bubble Machine

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Ages: 3+

Product List:
Smoke Bubble Machine *1
Rechargeable battery * 1.
Usb cable * 1.
Lanyard * 1.
Atomizer * 1.
Bubble water * 1.
Gloves * 1

Matters needing attention in battery use.
  • 1. Do not mix old and new batteries or different types of batteries.
  • 2.Battery damage or liquid leakage must be replaced, can not be recharged, once the skin or clothing contact with the battery liquid, be sure to clean immediately.
  • 3. Do not overcharge the product battery, after charging or connect the power supply, please cover the power supply connection warehouse cover to prevent dust or water.
  • 4. Do not charge near combustibles or on the surface of flammable or conducting objects. Observe the charging at any time as you charge.
  • 5. Do not charge immediately when the battery is still hot after the product is in use, it should be cooled and then recharged.

Warning: the smoke bubble machine is not edible, the battery is explosive, stay away from the source of fire when using, do not put into the fire. If the battery is too long or oxidized, please renew it in time, otherwise it will affect the service life of the product. Please use the product accompanied by your parents and pay attention to safety.

fog and bubble machine

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Orange, Blue, Pink

10 reviews for Dinosaur Camera Smoke Bubble Machine

  1. Amanda Williams

    Love it ,It is so cute

  2. Brodern Adam-Smith

    I ordered one , hope to receive it as soon as possible.

  3. Malachi Hannford

    Smoky bubbles are still fun and suitable for outdoor use.

  4. Sarah Jelavic

    The toy very nice

  5. Paige Eggins

    Dreamy bubble machine, my daughter likes it very much.

  6. John N.

    It’s so cute. My baby takes it with her every time she goes out. She loves the bubbles and it makes me happy to see her happy

  7. Josh C.

    My grandson loves this one ! Makes an amazing amount of bubbles ! Money well spent !!’

  8. Sukhant

    Kids enjoy playing with this. Keeps them busy and they are keen for frequent baths. A good quality product.

  9. Angel

    Bought this for my 1 year old granddaughter and she is obsessed!

  10. BC Clark

    Our dog loves bubbles.

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