Electric Remote Control Teasing Cat Toy

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  • 1. Environmentally friendly food-grade ABS resin, non-toxic, non-odorous and resistant to scratching
  • 2. USB charging and storage, no need to install batteries, cycle charging, environmental protection
  • 3. Irregular and random movement routes, inspire cats to chase and play.
  • 4. Automatically shut down after 60 minutes after the machine is turned on to protect pets from excessive exercise

Q: is this different from the cat toys on the market?
A: this is a remote control + automatic two free switching modes. At present, most of the toys on the market are automatic mode, and few people can participate in the toys, so we have designed a remote control mode, where owners can play with cats and enhance the relationship between people and pets.

Q: can this one be recharged for a long time?
A: charge for 2 hours and play for 3 hours.

Not included battery: Two 7AAA batteries (for remote control)

Matters needing attention in battery use.
  • Do not mix old and new batteries or different types of batteries.
  • Battery damage or liquid leakage must be replaced, can not be recharged, once the skin or clothing contact with the battery liquid, be sure to clean immediately.
  • Do not overcharge the product battery, after charging or connect the power supply, please cover the power supply connection warehouse cover to prevent dust or water.
  • Do not charge immediately when the battery is still hot after the product is in use, it should be cooled and then recharged.

Warning: the product is not edible, the battery is explosive, stay away from the source of fire when using, do not put into the fire. If the battery is too long or oxidized, please renew it in time, otherwise it will affect the service life of the product. Please use the product accompanied by your parents and pay attention to safety.

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7 reviews for Electric Remote Control Teasing Cat Toy

  1. Richard Rice

    It is so cute ,my cats love this very much

  2. Liam Butson

    It looks quality from what it weighs.

  3. Hyejin Kim

    It’s a pretty good toy at a good price. The toy is sometime more active than my cats! Very sturdy and energetic.

  4. Jim B.

    Really nice, my cat can play for a day

  5. maeve brennan

    This toy is everything they say it is. It is sturdy and has different modes you can use. It changes direction when it runs into an obstacle and continues to engage my cat. Kitten loves it.

  6. Monica

    This toy is a great way to keep my kittens entertained when I’m busy. I love that it will turn on and off throughout the day on its own.

  7. Randy W.

    My two cats absolutely love this. Helped to keep them busy while I was away at work.

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