Food Smoker Gift Set—perfect smoking gun mate

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Products for special purposes: fish and seafood, molecular cooking, cocktails, nut snacks (smoking guns quickly use various types of sawdust, tea, herbs, spices, hay, dried flowers smoking. It only takes 3-5 minutes to add cold smoke and aroma to food or drink).

Features: can be assembled or disassembled without tools. Wipe or water is easy to clean, but dishwasher is not recommended. Easy to carry, light weight-easy to carry, suitable for your barbecue, picnic, cooking requirements. Perfect smoking gun mate.

Use operation
  • Step 1. Put the food in a container.
  • Step 2. Seal the container and insert it into the smoke tube.
  • Step 3. Put the fumigant into the smoking gun and press the power button.
  • Step 4. Ignite the smoke powder and fill the container with smoke.
  • Step 5. After smoking for a certain period of time, take out the pipe, seal the container, and wait for the smoke to settle.
  • Step 6. It is recommended to clean once every 2-3 times. Remove the filter and clean the oil with clean water or alcohol.
Applicable crowd: adults
Material: aluminum alloy, plastic.
Power supply mode: 2 AA batteries.(not include)
Size: 90*55*110MM.

Contain: 1 * food smoker, walnut sawdust + cherry sawdust + apple sawdust + 1 * hose, 1 * brush, 1 * screwdriver, 2 * filter screen, 1 * manual + smoke cover circle + smoke cover + gift box

Warning: the battery is explosive, stay away from the source of fire when using, do not put into the fire. Pay attention to safety.

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 29.2 × 29.2 × 8 cm

7 reviews for Food Smoker Gift Set—perfect smoking gun mate

  1. kayla shipley

    Looks good. Bought for my partner and he likes it

  2. Dongxia Fan

    Great kit, can use with a variety of chips and produces a good amount of smoke. Love using it!

  3. Ashleigh Morton

    Great value, works as well as the ones costing three times as much

  4. Vanessa Pirone

    Easy to use drink smoker. Much better value for the price than the other smokers out there. 10/10 would recommend

  5. bryn benjamin

    Awesome for creating smokey old fashioned cocktails when you have guests!
    You can do more than one drink with the bell!
    Would recommend!

  6. Sam Mehlert

    Amazing packaging. Sufficient amount of items. Great gift idea for any cocktail (foodie!) enthusiast

  7. Hanna Elhori

    I love this so much, it makes my food even more delicious

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