Giant Dinosaur Egg Archaeological Excavation Set

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Big Dinosaur Egg Excavation

  • ?The giant dinosaur egg toy is a fun parent-child time: because you need to dig dinosaurs with your hands, it helps parent-child interaction and spend a pleasant entertainment time together. The perfect gift for girls and boys.
  • ?If your child likes dinosaurs and likes hands-on manipulation, this dinosaur egg will be their holiday, birthday and Christmas egg.
  • ?How to dig giant dinosaur eggs: To avoid confusion, I recommend putting some tablecloths on the table or digging outside. Dig directly with a chisel and hammer. If you find it difficult, you can add some water to soak and dig again. Then rinse the dinosaur with clean water, this is a cute and beautiful toy!
  • [weight]: about 0.8kg/box
    [package size]: 15 * 15 * 20cm
  • Ages:6+

Warning: the parts of the product are not edible. Please use this product accompanied by your parents. Pay attention to safety.

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 20 cm

8 reviews for Giant Dinosaur Egg Archaeological Excavation Set

  1. Beau Mcphan

    I’ll buy some more toys. The toys here are of good quality and fast transportation

  2. Zack Zahnow

    Very fun

  3. Chloe Wilson

    I bought one. It’s really interesting. My son and daughter have a good time

  4. Ben Davy

    It was so much fun. My baby played all day without crying ,she is being quiet.

  5. Chloe Skehan

    Take care of the child. You need to give him a toy.It’s very effective.

  6. wanisha s.

    It’s really good, the quality is great, it’s new and fun, and my 5 year old baby has a lot of fun

  7. Weston JM

    We bought these to entertain our neighbor’s 3 year old. He loves them. We hide the eggs around the yard and go on a ‘fossil search’. The search is half the fun. Then his parents help him break open the eggs after soaking them in water (which teaches patience) and then see his excitement as the ‘baby’ dinosaur is revealed inside the egg.

  8. RobinB

    My kids love dinosaurs and love hands-on, this dinosaur egg will be their birthday present

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