Two-person Remote Control Track Magnetic Racing Toy

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Play by plugging in the electric remote control.
  • Automatic protection, put an end to electric shock danger, change.
  • The speed can be controlled by the intensity of pressure.
Oversized racing is more exciting.
  • The track can be up to 94 miles long and give you a different racing experience.
Anti-leakage of degaussing track.
  • Using degaussing and anti-leakage device, it can be touched directly during the competition.
Convenient portable storage accessories gift box design can be opened to play.
Operation instruction

Why did the car get off the track before the whole lap?
A. needs to ensure that there is a good link between the positioning post of the vehicle and the card slot on the track, and there is no sundries .
B. Please adjust the conductive brush at the bottom of the car, flatten the wire and increase the contact area between the conductive brush and the track.
c. The speed of the car should not be too fast. If you exceed the speed limit, the center of gravity will be out of balance due to inertia.

Why did the car stop on the track when it went uphill or ran for a while?
A. brush the two conductors of the chassis to the rear of the car to comb and flatten it.
B. Please keep the metal track / electromagnetic strip / conductive brush clean and do not come into contact with water.
C. There is resistance up the hill, and when the speed is slow, the conductive brush and the track are not fully in contact with the track and can not conduct electricity.

Ages: 14+

Specification: electric version (no light)

Contains:track package *1

Warning: the parts of the product are not edible. Please use this product accompanied by your parents. Pay attention to safety.

Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 48 × 43 × 8 cm

4 reviews for Two-person Remote Control Track Magnetic Racing Toy

  1. Deke Scurrah

    This set comes with shining tracks and cars that can handily run on the race track.

  2. Joyce B.

    We purchased this for our grandson’s 7th birthday and we assembled it in a hotel room. It was super easy to assemble and we had so much fun having races with it. I was surprised how fast the cars go, but glad there were railings because that kept the cars from flying off the tracks. The remotes were easy to work and use. The quality of the track, cars and the whole set in general is excellent. This was hours of entertainment.

  3. John N.

    Good quality, first step toy car for kids

  4. Smith

    Got this for my grandson who is 6 and his brother is 3.5 and they both play with it and have lots of fun!

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