Zero Gravity Car Track Set (138pcs)

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Imagine a car track with unlimited possibilities:

  • 360 degrees turn
  • suitable for both indoor and outdoor
  • use anything in your room, including chairs, sofa, or table!

Build it with your child for a family fun time and let them experience the thrill of seeing a race car perform gravity-defying stunts at every turn!


Hundreds of snap-on pieces let your child turn any room into a 360° track complete with sharp turns, steep ramps, and giant loops that will keep them entertained for hours.


The Zero Gravity Car Track Set comes with a specially-designed stunt car capable of going through the extreme track at high speed without derailing. The car also features interchangeable shells and lights for an extra cool factor.


Creating different track designs helps your child develop their creativity while at the same time enhancing their hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills.


Our Zero Gravity Race Track promotes hands-on play and encourages parent-child interaction making it a great birthday or holiday gift for kids aged three and up.


Age: 3 +

Not included battery: three  7AAA batteries
Matters needing attention in battery use.
1. Do not mix old and new batteries or different types of batteries.
2.Battery damage or liquid leakage must be replaced, can not be recharged, once the skin or clothing contact with the battery liquid, be sure to clean immediately.

Warning: the product is not edible, the battery is explosive, stay away from the source of fire when using, do not put into the fire. If the battery is too long or oxidized, please renew it in time, otherwise it will affect the service life of the product. Please use the product accompanied by your parents and pay attention to safety.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 38 × 28 × 11 cm

16 reviews for Zero Gravity Car Track Set (138pcs)

  1. Taylor Schofield

    These tracks can be moved and shaped to your liking. My kids had fun building hills with toys and books and tunnels with cardboard and other stuff. My kids can easily play with this for hours without getting bored.

  2. Lauren DAVITT

    Very nice and difficult to mount the track that appears in the video, but once you understand you can mount many s track. I would add instruction book. Otherwise everything is perfect

  3. Damian Johnston

    I got this for a 3-year-old boy who loves racing cars. The tracks are easy to put together. It would be great for older kids too, as they can create their race tracks easy

  4. Caroline Carr

    My son loves this! He’s had this a few times because it’s such a good addition. The lit feature keeps them entertained for well as the fact that the tracks can get placed anyway they want. Small cars light up the race track as they walk, so they enjoy it both day and night. Everything is easy to put together and install.

  5. Darren Hawes

    Great experience…… product arrived in good & is everything expected. Great fun!

  6. Bernie C.

    I first saw this kind of toy on a Facebook sponsored ad, I knew my son would loved it. However, it was so expensive like $150bucks. Then I came up here and found this. My son has tons of cars, but this is something different. It combines tracks and motor which makes it special. I really recommend this toy because you don’t have to buy track that takes out so many spaces at home.

  7. Carmen

    Very colourful, sturdy, good size.

  8. Brenda easley

    Great fun product

  9. Marv

    Easy to put together and our 2 year old grandson loves it.

  10. Janice Freshwater

    Very good as a gift for many ages

  11. Gail Burns

    Race track this toy is very very nice. I brought it for my seven year old grandson and I had bought him another set a couple years ago. He plays with both of them for hours and hours and you can take it apart and make so many different designs I definitely recommend this to buy.

  12. marcia fabiani

    Loved everything about it. Was easy to assemble and use.

  13. Jessica

    My kid is so cute he says he wants to drive this car too

  14. Sarah Sini

    My 3 year old nephew loves these, keeps him busy for hours, they are well made and easy to put together

  15. Maura Enright

    My grandsons will love it.

  16. Garrett

    This was so much fun for the kids. They absolutely love it. I’m about to purchase the longer tracks also.

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